8th Year of Being Together! Live people! And love! – Interracial Couple

As we approach our 8th year of being together, I can’t help but think of something @mreddiehuang said in the Hawaii episode of Huang’s World. He said, “nothing breaks barriers like food and sex.” We laughed when he said that but when you think about it, it’s true.

There is so much hatred in this world toward different races, cultures, religions, etc. And yet, these same people will go to a restaurant and order food from the same cultures that they hate. Why can’t we love everyone the same way we love the many different foods of this world?
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Interracial Relationships Happier and Healthier Journey – Best Interracial Dating Sites

Best Interracial Dating Couples Sites

A Shields – All my life I’m surrounded by #leos and never would have guessed i would marry a Leo 😂😂 and the blessed part about it all, is not only are you’re my husband but legit my best friend!!

Even tho we work each other’s nerves I can honestly say that we have more happy times then bad. We been then through hardships in our past but I’m very heartfelt that the lord placed you in our lives to help us transition to a much happier and healthier journey so enough of all this mushy stuff 😂😂😘😘

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Interracial Dating Turned into Engagement – Interracial Dating Sites

Lisa Downer – I want to look back on this season and see how we kept showing up: in life, in our relationship, in the ups and downs, and the laughs we shared. 

I want to remember the moment that started this friendship that turned into a relationship that turned into engagement.

I want to remember the moment when Jason told me he wanted to take a break from studying and go for a hike. I want to remember the moment when Jason got on one knee and asked me to marry him. And above all I want to cherish the feeling I felt in that moment when I said yes 07/23/2017

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We Learned from Our Previous Relationship – Interracial Dating Story

We (Isabelle @linsha_85 & Tomasz)  went for our first date on August 2015.

He pulled out the ring and proposed on 26th of July 2016 in Lebanon in Poland during his friends wedding. I said yes. Only the 4th of may 2017 we had our baby boy. We got such a Happy home, we soo much in love.We are best friends, we share all together.
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Race Means Nothing all that matters is LOVE – Interracial Dating Sites

We had both just moved to Jacksonville and met on a dating site (Interracial Match) . We immediately hit it off and i knew from the start that he was the one. He is so different from anyone I’ve ever met and he makes me feel so loved and special every single day. We met at the beginning of this year Read Full story here http://interracial-dating-sites.com/interracial-dating-blogs/race-means-nothing-all-that-matters-is-love/
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We got married in December 2013 | Interracial Couple Story | Top 5 Best Interracial Dating Sites

We met in 2011 and after not catching on to her hints for ever 6 months i finally messaged her. The only problem was it was the day before she was moving to Maryland. So for 3 months we talked and video chatted. She even came to visit about right after our 1 month anniversary. It felt so different than other relationships, I just knew she was the one.

We were making the long distance relationship work but we really misses being with each other. After 3 months, at the end of 2011, she moved back to south Carolina so we could be together. 3 Months later, I proposed to her and she happily said YES. Shortly after we found out we were expecting a little girl, our family was starting. In September 2012 our daughter Peyton was born and life felt amazing.

David Shelton

Then in December 2012, i was hit head on by a drunk driver when i was coming home from work. I sustained several severe injuries including both legs being broke and a ripped aorta, I was minutes away from dying.Our family was almost torn apart as soon as it started. After a lot of surgeries and prayer i came through and was able to go home for my daughters first Christmas.

The Recovery was long but my wife helped me through it all, she never left my side. We got married in December 2013 and are still going strong.

Living, Loving & Enjoying Life💖


David Shelton and Shanise Shelton


Cute Interracial couple #Love #WWBM #BMWW Find your #InterracialMatch Here interracial-dating-sites.com 


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He’s from Kentucky, of European descent, and she’s Lebanese. She’s a human rights lawyer and he’s been part of efforts to bring attention to Darfur and other places where people are suffering. When they chose each other, it was clear that they had something more important than race in common.

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